Build A Better Business with Data You Actually Trust

Our Mission

We help you bring order to chaos and make data your competitive advantage. We partner with you to architect a unified data platform that will become the trusted foundation for your company's data-driven growth engine.

Our Origins

Agreeable Data was founded on hard lessons learned from several failed data projects. The kind of projects that had good intentions and lots of hard work but ultimately failed due to unclear objectives, misaligned priorities, and poor communication. Then, we realized we were not alone; according to Gartner, around 80% of big data projects fail to produce business outcomes [1]. This experience taught us to always start with business needs first and emphasize effectiveness over efficiency. In data, effectiveness often begins with a spreadsheet and then evolves into a data platform. We are part of that evolution. The critical part of this evolution is capturing business domain knowledge — translating and organizing it for scale while still keeping it as accessible as possible to business users so they can keep it fresh and relevant. THEN data can be made actionable, businesses can grow, and knowledge has enough time to become wisdom instead of being constantly rebuilt due to disorganization or lack of understanding.

What We Do

We help B2B companies unify their data into a reliable, accessible platforms that drives smarter decisions across teams. Our solutions include:

  • Data Strategy - We help you measure what matters, ensuring your data maps to business outcomes for effective scaling and growth.
  • Unified Data Platforms - We break data silos to give you a single source of truth that improves operations and customer knowledge.
  • Data Team - Our expert fractional data scientists or engineers help you execute data initiatives and enhance your business value.

Why Us?

  • The People: People you want to work with vs people you have to work with
  • Business-First Mentality: Tech that works for your business and makes financial sense for your business model
  • Data Expertise: We design optimal data pipelines using any combination of cloud or on-premise tooling.
  • Trusted Guidance: We listen first, then provide solutions that set you up for lasting success.
  • Top Data Partners: We only collaborate with the best data providers and technologies.