January 29, 2024

Build Data Apps

John Wesel
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

After you have a data platform you are ready to start creating value with data apps.

What is a data app?

A data app is any application (one that you build or buy) that creates value for your organization through the input of your data. This is an intentionally broad definition as the applications are potentially endless. The key here is that the data source is your data platform - not disjointed unmanaged data sources outside your data platform.

What are some examples of data apps?

Your CRM can function as a data app if you are feeding data into it for lead scoring or customer segmentation. In e-commerce, if you have inventory demand planning or pricing apps you can easily feed good data into them for better results. Check out our Solutions page for some more specific examples.

AI & Machine Learning

Finally, data apps feed from a data platform are also the best way for your company to make use of AI and Machine Learning. AI/Machine Learning is only as good as the data that feeds into it. If your company is going to trust the results of AI/ML you need to trust the inputs.