January 10, 2024

Build a Data Platform

John Wesel
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
Access and combine data with ease. Increase team efficiency. Greatly reduce your time reconciling data. What is A Data Stack?

The Modern Approach to Data

A centralized modular system allows for data to stay organized and be accessed by anyone.

Core Data Principles


Reliability is key to building trust in your data. If your current system has reliability problems, this is the best place to start as reliability is the foundation for the other principles.


You should strive for effectiveness in your data analytics first. Be sure what you are producing is useful and driving value. Make sure people are using the data! Sometimes great efforts can go into analytics that doesn’t get used.


Make sure you have a common language for your data. Make definitions of your columns clear as well as any calculations or key metrics.


Lastly, we want all of your hard work to be reusable. This is the step where we make sure everything is as automated as possible, eliminating manual steps.