January 10, 2024

Modern Data Technology

John Wesel
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

1) Generic Data Capture / Event Streaming

These tools are used to capture data from your website or app. These tools capture page views, clicks, marketing attribution information, and much more. These tools can also be used in place of google tag manager – which can drastically speed up your website’s loading time. You get speed back because the data gets pulled once by the data capture tool and then distributed to multiple downstream tools/systems. Some examples of downstream tools would be: hotjar, luckyorange, hubspot, google ads, google analytics, optimizely,klaviyo,mailchimp, and many more.

Popular Event Stream / Data Capture Tools

3) RudderStack

2) Data Extraction (ETL/ELT)

1) Fivetran
2) Airbyte

3) Data Storage

1) Snowflake
2) AWS Redshift
3) PostgresSQL
4) Google Big Query

4) Data Syndication (Reverse ETL/ELT)

1) Census
2) Hightouch

5) Data Analysis & Visualization

1) Mode Analytics
2) Hex
3) Tableau
4) Looker/Google Data Studio

6) Data Machine Learnings / AI

3) Akkio